Are you pregnant, single, and soon to be the mother of your own precious child? If so you have come to the right place!


The Single Woman’s Guide to a Happy Pregnancy a book to empower single women in unsupported pregnancies, helping them to embrace their destinies as parents and contributing members of society with confidence, competence, and courage.


Its secondary purpose is to incite positive change in our society as a whole through education, empowerment, acceptance, respect, and unconditional love for single mothers-to-be and their children.

What Is An “Unsupported” Pregnancy?

An unsupported” pregnancy is any planned or unplanned pregnancy in which the child’s natural father is absent as a result of rejection of the mother and/or child, or in which the child’s mother has abandoned the relationship with the child’s father.

What Makes The Single Woman’s Guide To A Happy Pregnancy Different From Other Single Pregnancy “Help” Resources?

  • This resource welcomes, accepts, and expects visitors of all reproductive rights views. It is understood that the reader has her own personal reasons for continuing with her pregnancy, and her life experience and the unique circumstances that have contributed to her political and spiritual beliefs are honored.
  • The author has no affiliation with adoption agencies. The Single Woman’s Guide to a Happy Pregnancy is for single pregnant women of any age, race, religion, or political affiliation who wish to continue unsupported pregnancies in order to be parents.
  • This book does not engage in what is known as “options counseling” (the perceived “rights” and “wrongs” of abortion, adoption, or single parenting). The author is committed to honoring the reader’s free will regarding her life choices, and aims to provide unconditional support in the event that she chooses to continue her pregnancy to be a mother.
  • The reader’s potential as a human being is honored, and the author has faith that she is every bit as capable of being an excellent parent as any pregnant woman who is married or otherwise partnered. This book contains no anti-single-parent condemnation, condescension, or judgment.
  • This book is written with the understanding that the comprehensive well-being of an unborn child is contingent upon that of its natural mother. A healthy, happy, and empowered parent is a necessary component in the life of a child. The happiness of my reader is my first priority, and I am confident that this personal support will result in her being a loving, committed, and effective parent.